Foot benefits:

1. the physical health and longevity

2. the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia and insomnia, night Hua Chinese medicine foot bath foot therapy exercises can strengthen the nervous system, promote regulatory function of the nervous system, improve sleep effect.

3, the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. Chinese feet foot Hua effectively promote blood circulation, regulate the nervous and endocrine system, blood flow, and blood pressure to smooth the.

4, the prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, herbal foot Hua feet, can promote blood circulation, meridians, relieving inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis have a better therapeutic effect.

5, control legs numb. By Chinese feet, legs Hua foot can activate nerve endings, the nerve system down through eliminating legs numb.

6, the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Hua Chinese feet foot, can regulate the endocrine system, promote islet cells to restore function to control blood sugar goal.

7, prevention and treatment of colds dispelling warm. Hua Chinese feet foot foot points can be activated, will be fresh nutrients and oxygen to the brain to the body so that the body feel comfortable.

8, beauty slimming. Chinese feet foot Hua promote secretion of adrenal hormones, enhance skin metabolism and break down body fat, slim white skin.

9, prevention stroke and cerebral thrombosis, Hua feet foot medicine every day every day to maintain blood flow, no longer worried about the risk of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.

10, lumbar disc herniation, cervical pillar hyperplasia. Hua special massage can play a multiplier effect.

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